Monday, June 27, 2011

Shiver is no more...

Abbi and Shiver enjoying the paper together
This morning, after Fajr, Shivers died. He seemed lethargic and ate less the last two days, this morning he stay lying down at Fajr still moving, but sometime later he was still lying down and stiff. QBAP is distraught and IBAP shed tears too. All are sad and miss his warm furry feel and soft sweet meows.

Having the little furry guy with us was a learning experience for us all. It encourage the children to show responsibility; though QBAP (our Abu Hurairah) was its care taker, the kids all helped clearing his box, the felt compassion and tried to be gentle. We researched kitten care and located vets in the city, did kitty care shopping too.

Picture taken by SBAP (3yrs old)
HBAP (6yrs) had managed to overcome her fear of kittens recently and had begun stroking it too. His death was a new experience for her, she wondered why taking him to a doctor would not make him okay now. So we discussed how Allah SWT has created us all and everything has a life and a time for life to end, when the time comes we die, and mentioned a little about our Soul too. We also received the news of the death of a friend's relative and we spoke of Namaz -e-Janaza and HBAP  wondered why we are not making namaaz-e-janaza for the kitten and so more discussions took place.

We realize this little kitty needed his mother and was too small to survive without her, but we are glad Allah SWT gave us the opportunity to have him with us and learn so much through him.

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