Saturday, July 2, 2011

Breakfast at Piranis: Mystery meat and " Oeufs faite par le Chef de QBAP"

Do step into our little kitchen,you'll be really surprised,
often something strange or surprising
may be sizzling, bubbling, glopping
tantalising all your senses,
 or simply making them want to rock
Look into our little kitchen.........
Its an exciting place around the clock!

Alhumdulillah, even a meal can be an education, as was the case when Ummi presented this mystery meat at the breakfast table to be eaten with eggs and bread. Can you identify the mystery meat?

These tasted good with fried eggs.(Solution to the mystery to be posted soon, Insha'Allah).

More recently, QBAP graced the kitchen to make a big batch of cheesy, meaty scrambled eggs, just before he dashed off for his extra Quraan class. His eggs are literally fought over, whenever he makes them for himself and so the family appreciated his efforts to make us a quick batch before he rushed away Mash'Allah.

omelette faite par QBAP

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