Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BAP update;

A quick BAP update.....ABAP has completed his 15th juz and will now revise the previous juz memorized before continuing further Insha'Allah. May Allah SWT make it easy for him. Aameen.

Also both ABAP and QBAP were on the same team in last month's RMI cricket match and their team won, Alhumdulillah, needless t o say the boys were excited and proud of their team achievement.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

IBAP's Northern trip highlights

This March IBAP (10yrs) was invited to join the family of his friend Muhammed for a trip up north of Pakistan. Muhammed's father, Dr. Khalid is an eye surgeon and was making the trip to Islamabad  participate in an eye camp (at a village) where he would be preforming cataract operations. The family also planned to visit Muzaffarabad and the Kewrah Salt Mines.

IBAP had a lovely time stay at the Cadet College hostel and playing basket ball with Muhammed. He also got to see some snow, visit a boarding school at lunch time, take a trip to the Kewrah Mines and stay at the Pearl Continental in Muzaffarabad, but the most exciting thing was when Dr. Khalid had the two children stand by him as he preformed one of the eye surgeries at the camp, Subhan'Allah.

Jazakullah Khair to Dr. Kahlid, Umm Muhammed and Muhammed for hosting IBAP and providing him with this wonderful opportunity of learning and fun, Masha'Allah.

the two friends
Umm Muhammed put a small questionnaire for IBAP to answer about the trip, and here it is:

Q1.Write the names of at least 5 new places that you recited or passed by during your travel?
An1. We passed Rawalpindi,Islamabad And Islamabad's Highway.

Q2,What did you have for breakfast everyday?
An2. I had egg for breakfast everyday

Q3.Name at least 5 dishes that you had for dinner/lunch? Which was your favourite?
An3. I had biryani,rice and chicken tikka. I liked the chicken tikka the best.

Q4. how many Prayers did you miss during your travel?
An4. I did not miss any prayers.

Q5.What games did you play?Which one did you enjoy most?
An5. I played table tennis and basketball. I liked table tennis the most.

Q6.What things did you see at the Cadet college?
An6. I saw how the children ate their food,There was a well and we saw so many class rooms.We saw a river too.

Q7.What things did you see at the eye camp?
An7. We saw many patients waiting to get their eyes checked.I watched Dr.Khalid change a person's eye  lens.     

Q8.What did you see at PC Muzaffarbad. 
An8.I saw clocks which showed every country's time. I saw the game rooms too. 

Q9.What did you see at the Khewra salt mines
souvenir made of mined salt, bought from outside the Khewra mines 
An9.There were no signs so it was hard to find the place. There was a black out at the mine so we  couldn't go in. They should have a generator so the people could go in.   

Q10.What did you enjoy most in your trip?
An10.I had fun watching the eye operation and playing table tennis.  

Q11.What did you learn during your trip.
An11.I learnt how to do a eye operation.

slumber party!

Cadet College basketball court

chillin in the lawn

basket ball frenzy

at the hostel

football ground

a boarding schools's cafeteria