Monday, December 19, 2011

Book Worm Club at the Zoo

male elephant calf: look closely for tiny tusk
Oh the Book Worm Club went to the zoo,

Eeii, eeii, Oh!

The Book Worm Club went to the zoo,

Eeeii, eeiii, Oh!

And at the zoo they saw some baby elephants,
cranes ant turkeys too!

Sleep lions, crowned pigeons
and and a tiger too!

Lots of deer, monkeys, a bear
and rock like crocodiles too

Unfortunately the animals all remained silent,

eeii Oooh!
lion trying to snooze
one of the lionesses in cage next to male lion's
tiger trying to ignore us

pelican's at peace

crowned crane
crowned pigeon
deer o deer!
deer and onyx

Monday, December 12, 2011

Unusual Pics

Alhumdulillah our Hajj trip (Abbi and Ummi's) was a smooth one. There was much to tell the children when we got back. While there we bought some books with beautiful pictures of the various important locations of Makkah and Madinah, Alhumdulillah so we took some photographs of those things we wanted to share with the children other than those in the books:
The buses used at the airport
canopies at the waiting area outside the Hajj terminal, Jeddah
  We were provided with metal hooks to attach onto the tent walls and then hang up our bags (Mina). For many of us short sisters this was out of reach, and a safety hazard as we slept just under the hanging luggage.
the inside of our tent in Mina.
outside of Maktabs at Mina
boundaries outside tents in Arafat
the kind of tent we slept in at Arafat
Helicopte parked on house, seen on our way to Mina from Muzdalifa
sea of people flowing towards Mina from Muzdalifa
our troublesome AC at Mina
Map of area at Mina
tunnel we walked thru towards Makkah

the big Jamarat

traffic signal trashed at Makkah

baboons on the way to Madina

baboon mom and baby

Subhan'Allah there was much to discuss with the children, the Hajj was a test of patience and tolerance as well as physical endurance. It gave us time  to reflect, appreciate the things Allah SWT has blessed us with esp the things we take for granted and made us aware of our shortcomings as well. It was a real Learning Live experience and we make dua that Allah SWT will forgive us and accept our Hajj. Aameen.

Newsflash: BAPs Update

A few updates to share Masha'Allah:

-  Masha'Allah. Role Model Institute had its annual  Hifz competition where ABAP (13 yrs) was proud to have his Dada accompany him, Masha'Allah. ABAP (13yrs) place first position in his group. He received several vouchers to a nearby bowling alley/ restaurant where he and his family enjoyed a night of fun.

- Alhumdulillah QBAP (12 yrs), after attending for a week and preforming Istikara, has decided to attend RMI for hifz .

- Subhan'Allah ABAP has just completed his 11th para (juz 20).

We are grateful that Allah SWT has guided our elder two sons to make the decision to do Hifz and  may He make it easy for them, accept it from them and reward their efforts. Aameen.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Malaysian Memories by IBAP (10 yrs)

Alhumdulillah IBAP had the opportunity to visit Malaysia with Abbi in October. It was a two day stay, and here are some of the sights IBAP would like to share with you:

Me with a parrot in the Zoo, their were some flies around it and they were bothering me

Abbi said that shark don't fight the fish that clean the shark's skin (at the Aquarium)

under belly of the shark
This shark was swimming above us when we were standing in the glass tunnel
Fish cleaning the skin of the shark by eating the things stuck on it
a fish, stingray and a shark one above the other

sting ray swimming above us
the fish and me
more fish, and me!

diffent types of bees who work in a hive; the queen bee is on top, then drone bees and worker bees at the the bottom
honeycomb on display
"CUTE FISH Massage" : little pools of water with fish which eat away dry skin, its tickles!
Porsche at Dubai Duty Free

about the car

QBAP @ Rob-Arts by QBAP (12yrs)

. Masha'Allah the Rob-Arts classes went very well. We each made a remote control car with six volt batteries ,motors ,wheels ,wires and wood. Personally it wasn't that easy but we did it. We needed some help in making it. Like for example we needed help in making most of the holes (some holes were still made inaccurately so Sir felt that he should have made the holes and then  given it to us). We also learned how to design the model of a robot on the computer and how to use a drill correctly.
The class required more time than was scheduled but it was fun. I look forward to attending more workshops if Rob-Arts plans to hold more.

Batteries, wires and buttons
Motors, wheels, clips,brackets

Robot car model


circuit board underneath