Monday, December 12, 2011

Newsflash: BAPs Update

A few updates to share Masha'Allah:

-  Masha'Allah. Role Model Institute had its annual  Hifz competition where ABAP (13 yrs) was proud to have his Dada accompany him, Masha'Allah. ABAP (13yrs) place first position in his group. He received several vouchers to a nearby bowling alley/ restaurant where he and his family enjoyed a night of fun.

- Alhumdulillah QBAP (12 yrs), after attending for a week and preforming Istikara, has decided to attend RMI for hifz .

- Subhan'Allah ABAP has just completed his 11th para (juz 20).

We are grateful that Allah SWT has guided our elder two sons to make the decision to do Hifz and  may He make it easy for them, accept it from them and reward their efforts. Aameen.

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