Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Malaysian Memories by IBAP (10 yrs)

Alhumdulillah IBAP had the opportunity to visit Malaysia with Abbi in October. It was a two day stay, and here are some of the sights IBAP would like to share with you:

Me with a parrot in the Zoo, their were some flies around it and they were bothering me

Abbi said that shark don't fight the fish that clean the shark's skin (at the Aquarium)

under belly of the shark
This shark was swimming above us when we were standing in the glass tunnel
Fish cleaning the skin of the shark by eating the things stuck on it
a fish, stingray and a shark one above the other

sting ray swimming above us
the fish and me
more fish, and me!

diffent types of bees who work in a hive; the queen bee is on top, then drone bees and worker bees at the the bottom
honeycomb on display
"CUTE FISH Massage" : little pools of water with fish which eat away dry skin, its tickles!
Porsche at Dubai Duty Free

about the car

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