Monday, February 22, 2010

Pirani Pizza Party!

One of the brothers from the Karachi-Home-Education group arranged a "behind the scences" tour of Pizza Hut's kitchen for the KHE families. We got to see how a "ten rupee roti" becomes into a "seven hundred rupee pizza". To top it off, each family was given the opportunity to toss the toppings onto their pizzas themselves!

Topping it up
Topping our pizza, lower pizza is stuffed crust awaiting attention

Ready for the oven

Into the oven and then onto the table: the Pirani Pizza!

heading into the oven
All Done! (pizza 1)
pizza 2

salad courtesy Ummi

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Buliding Bridges

Two squares 8 inches apart, a pack of Abbi's old visiting cards, a pair scissors and 2 baps (ABAP and QBAP). Objective: to build a bridge between the two squares - without touching the table in between and to bridge a relationship between two brothers (team work) - without touching each other's nerves!

Neither task was easy but eventually........

The Bridge


Cross at your own risk!

Alhumdulillah, the bridge withstood the test of weight (toy soldiers) and the boys tempers were slight bruised but intact, Masha'Allah.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching a Breathe

Subhan'Allah, breathing is one of Allah's Mercies that we take for granted. Our respiratory system seems to work automatically, without any conscious effort of our own, MBAP and IBAP helped Ummi put together this lung machine to demonstrate how our lung works

MBAP presents the model of the lung (a balloon), with in a plastic bottle - the ribcage, a straw - the windpipe and another balloon stretched out at the bottom of the bottle - the diaphram.

Inhaling - diaphram going down to give place for lung to expand/fill up, as air is sucked into the lung through the windpipe.

MBAP blowns in more air for emphasis :)

IBAP explains,"When we breathe in (inhale) air goes into the windpipe and into our lungs. The air around the lungs pushes down on the diaphram when the lung becomes full of air.
When we exhale the air comes out from the lung through the windpipe and the diaphram goes up. The ribcage protects the lung from getting hurt."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dawn Expo 2009

The Dawn Expo hosted a postage stamp competetion, where kids were invited to design postage stamps based on a theme. 3 of our sons wanted to participate (QBAP aged 10, IBAP 8 and MBAP 6). After the competition they recieved a gift of story and poetry books for participating, we then toured the exhibits and here are a few we liked best:

QBAP left the above note at the stall of Meezan Bank (an Islamic Bank) which invited its guests to express their love for Pakistan.