Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching a Breathe

Subhan'Allah, breathing is one of Allah's Mercies that we take for granted. Our respiratory system seems to work automatically, without any conscious effort of our own, MBAP and IBAP helped Ummi put together this lung machine to demonstrate how our lung works

MBAP presents the model of the lung (a balloon), with in a plastic bottle - the ribcage, a straw - the windpipe and another balloon stretched out at the bottom of the bottle - the diaphram.

Inhaling - diaphram going down to give place for lung to expand/fill up, as air is sucked into the lung through the windpipe.

MBAP blowns in more air for emphasis :)

IBAP explains,"When we breathe in (inhale) air goes into the windpipe and into our lungs. The air around the lungs pushes down on the diaphram when the lung becomes full of air.
When we exhale the air comes out from the lung through the windpipe and the diaphram goes up. The ribcage protects the lung from getting hurt."

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