Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tae Kwondo by IBAP (10 yrs)

As-salaam u alikum, everybody. I used to do TAE KWONDO with sir Zakariyya and then he left. Three weeks ago we got a new instructor.ABAP, QBAP , MBAP and I go for Tae Kwondo at RMI. Today Tayyab  Bhai brought the punching bag and the targets.  The instructors stick the targets on their hands so that we can  punch and kick it.  We take turns to hit it.
Mats have been glued on to the floor of the room. We perform tae Kwondo on them.

Our instructor turns off the fans when he demonstrates the kicks  otherwise his legs may hit the fan. 
We perform exercises so that if someone hits our stomachs they  will hurt themselves and not us.
There is a competition coming up on the 29th of October, Insha’Allah. We are going to go to Reflections School where the competition is going to take place.

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