Wednesday, October 26, 2011

QBAP @ Rob-Arts by QBAP (12yrs)

. Masha'Allah the Rob-Arts classes went very well. We each made a remote control car with six volt batteries ,motors ,wheels ,wires and wood. Personally it wasn't that easy but we did it. We needed some help in making it. Like for example we needed help in making most of the holes (some holes were still made inaccurately so Sir felt that he should have made the holes and then  given it to us). We also learned how to design the model of a robot on the computer and how to use a drill correctly.
The class required more time than was scheduled but it was fun. I look forward to attending more workshops if Rob-Arts plans to hold more.

Batteries, wires and buttons
Motors, wheels, clips,brackets

Robot car model


circuit board underneath

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