Monday, December 12, 2011

Unusual Pics

Alhumdulillah our Hajj trip (Abbi and Ummi's) was a smooth one. There was much to tell the children when we got back. While there we bought some books with beautiful pictures of the various important locations of Makkah and Madinah, Alhumdulillah so we took some photographs of those things we wanted to share with the children other than those in the books:
The buses used at the airport
canopies at the waiting area outside the Hajj terminal, Jeddah
  We were provided with metal hooks to attach onto the tent walls and then hang up our bags (Mina). For many of us short sisters this was out of reach, and a safety hazard as we slept just under the hanging luggage.
the inside of our tent in Mina.
outside of Maktabs at Mina
boundaries outside tents in Arafat
the kind of tent we slept in at Arafat
Helicopte parked on house, seen on our way to Mina from Muzdalifa
sea of people flowing towards Mina from Muzdalifa
our troublesome AC at Mina
Map of area at Mina
tunnel we walked thru towards Makkah

the big Jamarat

traffic signal trashed at Makkah

baboons on the way to Madina

baboon mom and baby

Subhan'Allah there was much to discuss with the children, the Hajj was a test of patience and tolerance as well as physical endurance. It gave us time  to reflect, appreciate the things Allah SWT has blessed us with esp the things we take for granted and made us aware of our shortcomings as well. It was a real Learning Live experience and we make dua that Allah SWT will forgive us and accept our Hajj. Aameen.

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