Monday, December 19, 2011

Book Worm Club at the Zoo

male elephant calf: look closely for tiny tusk
Oh the Book Worm Club went to the zoo,

Eeii, eeii, Oh!

The Book Worm Club went to the zoo,

Eeeii, eeiii, Oh!

And at the zoo they saw some baby elephants,
cranes ant turkeys too!

Sleep lions, crowned pigeons
and and a tiger too!

Lots of deer, monkeys, a bear
and rock like crocodiles too

Unfortunately the animals all remained silent,

eeii Oooh!
lion trying to snooze
one of the lionesses in cage next to male lion's
tiger trying to ignore us

pelican's at peace

crowned crane
crowned pigeon
deer o deer!
deer and onyx

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