Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadan Reminders

Alhumdulillah Ramadan is just a two or three days away and we can feel the change in the atmosphere already as the excitement mounts. Masha'Allah, learning about this month and its blessings comes easily to the children as the elder ones fast and the younger ones participate in Suhoor, Iftar, Taraweeh and Qiyam.  As the little ones learn about Ramadan, the older ones are given reminders and we all work towards becoming more conscious of this month's blessings, it it to that end Ummi put together this wall:
Our Ramadan Wall
  What is all over this wall, you may ask? Well, here's a close up: 
Fasting shields from the fire

Our Ramadan calendar
Dated dates, to be picked as each day of Ramadan come to an end, special gold ones for the special odd nights

Home-made basket to store the dated dates

moon phases from BrainQuest

IBAP's article on Ramadan
Elsewhere in the house:

Reminder that fasting is more than just abstaining from eating and drinking

Reminder of fasting duration
Days of the week in English, Arabic and numerals, markers to depict weather

We hope to read and learn as we experience this month and hope to share our discoveries as we make them insha'Allah.

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