Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Snackeria: Pirani's Rock and kabab Roll

The elder boys often take over the kitchen to put together a sandwich dinner, this time the younger ones were given the opportunity to prepare a Kabab Roll dinner, under the guidance of Chef QBAP.  AfterUmmi completed slicing and dicing the veggies stayed clear of the kitchen as the BAP's took over.

IBAP frying Parhatas
The Parhattas were fried by IBAP (age10) and MBAP (age 8), while QBAP came around taking orders. though seekh kababs in parhattas were the main ingredients, toppings varied to the taste of the various members in the family; onions, capsicum, cheddar cheese, mayo, mustard, cream cheese and Peri Peri sauce.

MBAP and QBAP at work
Once the kababs were hot (microwave) and the parhatas fried the three boys worked together to prepare the rolls according to each family member's taste, Masha'Allah. Needless to say they were delicious!

Rolls being prepared

Sorry no pictures of the served Kabab rolls, everyone was too hungry to take out snaps!

Seeing everyone busy, SBAP (age3) takes the opportunity to wash some dishes

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