Thursday, July 28, 2011

From the Farm to the Fridge

A few of our books

Where does our food come from? Though the little BAPs have learnt to thank Allah SWT for the food they eat, they needed to learn that the food is not naturally produced at at the grocer's stand, refrigerator or in a box, and it is to that end we have been reading up and watching videos about where our food comes from.

Masha'Allah the BrainQuest workbooks offered pictures of heathly food and their storage.

The following websites show how cows are milked and bread and cheese are made. Even the elder kids were fascinated.

Honey from the comb into the jar at a factory



Coffee ( does not say how its made but you can see the plants and
beans etc)

Mushrooms (warning you may not want to eat them again after seeingwhat
they grow in =)
A link on turtle hatching:

This theme led us, amongst other things, to discuss how do plants grow - the origins of our food, more on that soon, Insha'Allah.

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