Friday, June 17, 2011

Arabic Classes

Alhumdulilllah QBAP, IBAP and MBAP have joined a summer Arabic Class (began 1st June ends 8th July). It objectives are : Arabic communication and writing skills, and rules to help Quranic comprehension. So the three boys attend this class every morning.

The instructor, Brother Ibrahim Ali,  has studied at Madinah University (he and his younger brother led Taraweeh at Zia bhai's house some years ago).

The children's afternoon Quran Class has arranged to have him teach Arabic three days a week (conducting their regular Nazra class twice a week) during this summer as well. This allows the boys to revise and reinforce what they learn in the morning and HBAP is able to learn here too.  The morning course the boys attend is more intensive though.

Masha'Allah, the children are enjoying the classes and have begun making simple Arabic sentences (and even teasing each other in Arabic too!). The boys even enjoy identifying the meaning of some of the words in the Quran when revising their lesson for class Alhumdulillah.

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