Thursday, June 2, 2011

HBAP completes Kindergarten

HBAP's KG Certificate
Alhumdulillah HBAP has completed both Brain Quest Pre-k and Kindergarten Workbooks (finished last week) over the last few months. As she progressed through her work books she showed increasing concentration on her work. Earlier she seemed unable to focus on her work and would make up her own tasks, but over time (once she began the Brain Quest books) she began to follow instructions, eager to complete each page and then go on to the next.
HBAP now retains the numbers and most alphabet names and sounds as well Alhumdulillah. She often tries to guess the beginning sounds of words when listening to others converse and read and will identify letters of words she sees on sign boards, books, newspapers and cereal boxes. ....and whats more she's having fun!
HBAP's choice of celebration treat:
HBAP chose to begin the Brain Quest First Grade Workbook immediately Alhumdulillah and looks forward to learning to read. She is still learning to read the Quran from her Qaida and Alhumdulillah has started reading selected words from the Amma para and often tries to read words from it on her own.

Chocolate fudge cake to celebrate

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