Friday, June 17, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Orphan Kitty Finds Home At Pirani Residence


As Umm Uzair and her family will be spending the next few months outside the country, they have to relinquish their roles as foster family to little Shiver. They offered QBAP the little guy and after much consideration (and online research on kittens) the Piranis have accepted this little kitty into their home (Wednesday, 15 June'11).
Indoor Box
Alhumdulillah the first night went well, we have given him another shoe box to use indoors while his old carton bed stays in the balcony. Though tiny he is active and seems keen to explore his new home, although he is nervous around ZBAP (18 months old, has no inhibitions about grabbing him) he seems comfortable around everyone else. HBAP (now 6 years old) is scared of cats and watches him from afar, sitting on a bed or chair with her feet tucked under her.

QBAP feeding Kitty with syringe
Shiver still needs to fed from a dropper/ syringe. We took him to a vet who gave him a look over and gave us some tips (feed it cerelac, egg white etc) and a list of vitamins to help him get stronger. Alhumdulillah nobody seems to have any allergic reaction to the kitty and the kitty seems to be getting used to us too.

Today he seemed keen to cuddle into dark places......he wanted to go potty! Now that we have seen the signs we hope to be able potty train him soon Insha'Allah.

QBAP and Shiver

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