Monday, June 6, 2011

Meow Mehmaan

Umm Uzair and her 3 little ones came over to spend the day, and brought a unexpected guest with them.....Shiver!

This little kitty was abandoned in Umm Uzair's yard. They found it all alone and shivering - hence the name.The family brought it in and have been nursing it with a medicine dropper. Other than changing the newspaper used as litter, Umm Uzair washes it and watches over it too. 
Our kids were so excited, the poor little thing barely got a wink of sleep during its visit; as soon as it seemed to shut it's eyes, somebody's face would peer into its cardboard home to check if "it was ok". To make matters worse, little ZBAP was so keen to handle this little critter on his own, he snuck off to its box, picked it by is tail and swung it around with glee! Its terrified little meows caught the attention of Umm Uzair to rushed to its rescue. ZBAP could not understand what all the fuss was about, he seemed to be giggling along with tiny kitty..... (he had preformed this feat with the kitty earlier but it was a short act because others were pesent then.)
Alhumdulillah after Asr, Umm Uzair and her family returned our innocent little guest to the safety of their home.

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