Sunday, June 26, 2011

DIY Lunch for the Boys' and Buddies

As ABAP had this week off as his summer vacation, it was decided to call over a few of his friends for lunch. Eight of his friends and the rest of our crew made a large party - that's 12 boys not including little SBAP and ZBAP.

The boys spent most of their time outdoors playing football and cricket and some time indoors for eating lunch as they watched a movie (Karate Kid).
 Trying to cater lunch for boys who are anxious to be on the move has to be quick and uncomplicated, and hence our "Do-It-Yourself lunch". All the things for the meal were prepared and set on the counter as the boys played. Once all was ready the boys were asked to come and put their burgers together as they liked it.
D.I.Y Lunch
Juice، Veggies and Condiments

Fried potatoes، Chicken Burger Patties and Hunter Beef Slices

Sample Hunter Beef Burger by ABAP

The guests arrived at around 10 am، but Osama had spent the previous night with us because he needed to dropped home when part of our crew went to Quran Class. Thought the boys (between ages 7 to 15) were much older to three year old SBAP، he was very much a part of the party، laughing with them، running after the ball as they played، sitting between them whenever they sat down، and even ZBAP (1yr) sat outdoors with to watch them play.

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