Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eid Breakfast at the Pirani's (as narrated) by HBAP (6 yrs)

We had chips walla eggs and Yusuf gave us an Eid gifts : 'cocomok' and mints;  lemon and orange for me. Nana gave us Eidi gift money and Nani gave us an Eidi gift money, and Khala gave the big people “gaz”  (Iranian sweets) and Zia Khalu didn’t want any. And Abbi didn’t want any because it was so sticky.

Khala said Zia Khalu should go in the rain because he likes it, but he asked Qasim, and Qasim said it was very fast then he said it didn't matter he did not want to go.

Then we were playing with Yusuf, then we had our breakfast, after the breakfast we were playing. Then Yusuf went home. Then Nani, Nana and Hafidh Mamu were here and then they went home. Then Isa and Muadh went in the room to play alone.

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