Friday, August 26, 2011

Newsflash: Active Saturday’s Night Out By our correspondent Qasim Pirani (age 12)

20 of August 2011 , Role Model Institute:
Abbi, Abdullah, Isa, Muadh and I to the Active Saturday’s Night Out. First we prayed  4 rakah taraweeh. Abdullah led 2 rakahs. Then we had pizza for dinner. After that we had a video/lecture  about Salaat by Asim Ismail, for one hour and then one hour ‘chill time’.  Next we were given time to prepare and present our role plays. 
There were three groups; the kids in the first group were given the topic ‘Showing Off’, the second was given the topic “Brotherhood” and the third group’s topic was “Overeating".  I was in the second group with Muadh. Abdullah and Isa were in the third group.
The first  group’s play was only a minute long and all the members of the group did not get a chance to perform.The second group’s play (ours) was longer and every member got a chance to participate equally.
The third group’s drama was also long and funny.
At first the judges were going to call it a tie between group one and two,  but they were informed that the rules did not allow that. So group two was declared the winner because even the younger members played a large role in it.  The prize was gift vouchers to Snack Attack for each participant.Later we had time to play and rest, followed by 4 rakahs taraweeh and witr.  A talk was given by Faraz Chacha about Emaan.
Sehri was keema, eggs, paratha and leftover pizza. After cleaning up Fajr was prayed at Rohail Kand Masjid.

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