Friday, September 30, 2011

Marium Appa’s Quran Class as narrated by SBAP (3yrs) & HBAP (6yrs)

I sit next to Isa and play next to Isa and then I did something good! I jumped up with my pencil and then all the teacher came back,. Then they came back to listen to our Quran.
All people come back from their home to read the Quran.

I take off my shoes and put them on the rack, then I sit in the first gali near the garden because all the rooms are filled and are hot so my teacher makes us sit in the gali.
My teacher’s name is Sumairah Aunty, she makes us read and she makes letters on the board and we read it. We also have a test and we also play games and we also read from the Quaida, para. And Sir Ibrahim comes and makes us do Arabic. And Aunty gives us stars and chocolate if we read nice, and I got 5 stars for finding a big letter.

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