Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Showers

Bridal Suite
Karachi has been experiencing very heavy rain the last few days, Alhumdulillah the wedding in the family went through smoothly even though. The elder boys helped guide the guests to the correct rooms (the was a separate hall for each gender) and watch over the waiters. The children also met distant relatives they had never seen and HBAP was in awe to see how a polio afflicted relative moved out of a wheel chair and on to a sofa unaided.
Prior to the wedding HBAP also watched how the ladies of the house transformed the young balechlor's room into a bridal suite with flowers, chocolates, gold coloured gauze, gold paint and shimmering glitter.She marvelled as a beautiacian arrived to give the ladies a hair cut and later all had mehindi applied on their hands...all on the day before the nikah!

But the days of the nikah and those after the Valima saw rain and flooded streets causing schools to stay closed and offices to remain empty. Alhumdulillah at the Pirani's it was studies as usual with science, math, grammar books and pakoras, as well as a viewing 2 cartoons to show how colour comes from light (rainbows) and what is a thunderstorm.

Indoors the kids ran excitedly the balcony to monitor the rain and get wet too. Outdoors things were not as cheery. Here are some pics of the after effects of rain our friends have shared:

outside friend's house in Defence

another pic from same friend
PECHS area near Dolmen Mall

At this time we all make dua:

"OAllaah, let the rain fall around us and not upon us, O Allaah, (let it fall) on the pasture, hills, valleys and roots of trees.’

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