Friday, May 27, 2011

Three Gilly Goats Tuff

The Piranis are members of the Book Worm Book Club, which meets weekly at the home of Umm Uzair. At the club a book is read to the members followed by a related activity. Occasionally the Piranis get the opportunity to host the club.  Recently we were able to host a very special event: Book Worm Club Presentations, were each family presented a play or recited poetry for the club members to enjoy.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the presentations,  each of which depicted the uniqueness of each family. One of the little boys began the event by reciting Surah Fatiha. Then  the show began. Plays varied from a family depicting the first day at Arabic class - explaining the importance of learning Arabic. A comic display of a mother using different methods to try and kill scurrying cockroaches (kids dressed with antlers and wings) - pointing out thought these living creatures are created by Allah SWT we are allowed to kill any insect which is a pest and can cause us harm and illness. A play in rhyme based on "Hickety, Pickety My Fat Hen" - teaching children to share with their friends and Insha'Allah they too will share with you when you are in need. Some of the younger children recited poetry and even a family who made a last minute appearance joined the fun by reciting some nasheed.

The Piranis Presented an adaption of their favourite book "The Three Billy Goats Gruff". The script went as follows:

SBAP:  I'm hungry. I'm going over the bridge to eat the grass. Trip trap, trip trap, trip trap.

IBAP:  Up jumped the troll! That's me, I'm going to eat you up!

SBAP:  Don't eat me eat the second billy goat gruff, she's big and fat.

IBAP:  Hmm, ok!

HBAP:  I'm going over the bridge to eat the grass! Trip trap, trip trap, trip trap!

IBAP:  Here I come! I'm going to eat you up!

HBAP: Don't eat me, eat the third billy goat gruff, he's big and fat.

IBAP:  Ok, skinny...

MBAP: Those goats seem to be having so much fun, why don't I go join them? Trip trap, trip trap, trip               trap.

IBAP:  Yum yum! I'm going to eat you up!

MBAP:  Oh no your not! I'm going to eat you up, get ready here I come...1, 2, 3.....

IBAP: Oh wait, wait, wait! You look kind of chubby and will probably give me a stomach ache. I think I'll let you go and eat the other two instead.

MBAP:  The Prophet Muhammed SAW said that you should want for your brother what you want for yourself, what makes you think you can hurt my brothers or me? (He butts the troll)

IBAP: (falls down screaming) Ahhh! I think I should find another job.

Alhumdulillah, the play went well, though we had a few lines eaten up. Unfortunately the first goat got a sudden case of stage fright, so a back up plan went in to action, with Ummi being Ummi goat holding her kid. All three goats had their nose painted black and coloured cheeks too, with the HBAP insisting on purple cheeks. each wore white socks which made them look like long goat ears.

After the show the club enjoyed their snacks which was followed by a certificate distribution ceremony. Alhumdulilllah it was a memorable day.

Jamad us Sani 1432

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  1. Mabrook on putting up such a fun show, mashaAllah! Wish we were there to see the BAPs in action! Barak Allahu feekum. May Allah SWT protect and bless you all. Aameen.
    PS. Very cute back-up plan!