Friday, May 27, 2011

RMI Annual Hifz Competition 1432 / 2011

This is the SMS we recieved from ABAP's Hifz Class:


Role Model Institute organized an Annual Hifz Competition.
Alhumdulillah the judge Sheikh Qari Abdul Azeem was very happy with the preformance of Hifz
Students & RMI Hifz Program.After a very strong competetion the following students got postions:

1. Khubaib Salman
2. Abdullah Bin Azeem Pirani
3. Sohaib Kamran

May Allah keep them steadfast on His deen.

Alhumdulillah we are vey grateful to Allah SWT that He has blessed us in this way. ABAP has completed 6 juz now Alhumdulillah. The Competetion consisted of 2 rounds. In the first round, each child  was tested and 2 students were chosen from each of the three study circles, these children were tested again in the second round and the top three children were then selected as winners. In the test each child was called up on stage and first asked to recite some small surahs and then the Qari would recite an Ayah and ask the child to continue reciting from thereon.

ABAP's prize was a gift voucher to Snack Attack, which he felt was ironic because we aren't strangers to the eatery. (First prize : bicycle, Third prize : a cricket bat)

Masha'Allah the following is how we availed the voucher:

Big Mouth Beef Burger, Spicy Honey Fish, Mushroom Swiss Burger
Pepperoni Punch Pizza; Classic Chicken Burger
Half Chicken Broast
 Subhan'Allah our bill was still within the voucher's stated amount (Rs 2,000), so being the Gujratis that we are we ordered two soft drinks to cover it!


  1. Mabrook, Abdullah! We're all so proud of you, mashaAllah! May Allah SWT protect you and bless you and your siblings with happiness and success, in this life and the akhirah. Aameen. Lots of love and dua from Dada and Dadima. Barak Allahu feena.
    PS. Glad to know you enjoyed the prize!

  2. Mabrook Abdullah! Nana, Nani and the whole Jamal clan is very proud of you Mashsha'Allah. May Allah (SWT) increase and strengthen your Iman, making every thought, your every action and every ibadat one in which you are consciously aware of Allah (SWT)and your duty towards Him. Aameen!