Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For Your Eyes Only!

Last month, Ummi and HBAP attended a fund raiser Fashion Show, organized for The Children's Cancer Foundation. The venue was glitzy, dinner exquisite and clothing glamorous (even the models' outfits were beautiful!). But this was a fashion show with a difference:
The Ticket
- There were no men allowed into the venue
- a cubicle was erected where ushers collected guests' abayas
- all clothing on display were designed to cover the models awrah
- the background songs were specially recorded with all the music deleted
- photography was strictly prohibited
- The venue and catwalk were lent to the Cancer Foundation for free
- The models were beautiful and sophisticated and looked gorgeous in the designer outfits they wore (designed by some of the top local designers), though they were not professional models but women who volunteered for the occasion

The Imperial
Some of the Foundation's young patients (ranging from ages 4 to 6) also modeled some outfits, they shyly waved at the audience from the catwalk, to the song HELP! by the Beatles, bringing tears to the eyes of most of the audience. HBAP curiously asked why one of the little boys with short hair was wearing a skirt, Ummi explained the child was a girl but her hair was very short because she was sick. This affected HBAP and she explained this to her brothers and father when she got home. 
 Prize Won By HBAP!
Designers Umbreen and Sharmeen had arranged a lucky draw for the occasion and Masha'Allah HBAP won one of the gifts. Even the master of ceremonies was surprised to see 5 year HBAP come up to claim the prize. Her Mumani WK won the next prize, Masha'Allah) As we left the venue we were able to bring home some of the lovely flowers that adorned the tables. 
It was a lovely occasion where we could comfortably let our hair down and enjoy a show put together for our eyes only.

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