Friday, November 9, 2012

Masha'Allah Moments

Things are constantly changing around us; the weather gets cooler, the days get shorter, the children get taller or rounder- we take many of these changes for granted and some seem mundane, other things happen in a blink of an eye, so if your nodding off you'll miss it. As we keep plodding through our days, things will happen to give us a "heads up!" so here are a few more recent things from our home:

- IBAP (11 yrs) was doing math on Khan Academy - we're revising multiplication and division, when I found  him adding and subtracting negative numbers. This was a surprise because we haven't begun that topic yet and he was getting the answers right. I asked him if he had watched a tutorial on it, he explained he hadn't, and when he first attempted the set of questions he got them all wrong. So how did he figure them out now? He was forming a number-line in his mind and moving "left" and "right" on it ; 9- (-4) = 5!

-SBAP (4yrs) can now back flip onto the bed Subhan'Allah, he is now trying to land on his feet. He has also begun horse riding lessons, accompanying QBAP (13yrs).

-BBAP, our little Babujee (5 months) can not sit up, but he will rush across the bed, pushing himself forward with his feet and getting on his knees and then almost bouncing forward to reach for tempting books or cell phones placed beyond his reach Masha'Allah.

-ZBAP  (2yrs) has proved to be a natural story teller, Masha'Allah, his stories often incorporate our current events, lately his stories include cows and goats, other than his usual stories of "guy on a motorcylce", "falling down from the ladder', electric guy (electrician), "plumbber" and sharks and whales (after watching "Free Willy"). Though his stories border on violent and tragic, he himself does not like loud noises of scenes of violence in programs, he labels them as "noisy noisy, scary" and leaves the room.


  1. Masha'Allah - good to see the kids learning on their own. :)

  2. SubhanAllah! It's inspiring how you've taken a step to homeschool your kids. You don't have to be discouraged of what others say. And please do continue blogging!!