Thursday, November 8, 2012

Innovative Investigations: Measuring Distances

To find out which type of object will fall the furtherest distance and which type will fall the least distance.

1. ball
2. plastic spoon
3. metal spoon
4. paper
5. shirt
6. measuring tape
7. electric tape

tape marking standing place
A piece of electric tape was taped to the ground to mark the place from where the objects would be thrown. The objects were thrown one at a time. Then we measured how far it fell. We tried to exert the same force for each object. 

signalling all is ready and subject can now throw object

measuring the distance the object fell

measuring tape



1. Was force exerted the same?

2. Which object fell furtherest distance?
The ball.

3. Which object fell the least distance?

- Paper is light so it did not fall far and often spiralled to the ground.

We learned that the smaller an object is the further it goes. The distance an object falls is determined by velocity/ speed, shape and size of the object (Air Resistance.)  


  1. this is an easy and interesting activity for the kids to learn the simple important science. activities like these get the kids eager for more. which is healthy for the mind

  2. In my school we were always encouraged to carry out experiments like these. Its way better for kids to experiment and learn rather than sit on their iPads all day