Thursday, November 15, 2012

Innovative Investigations: Block and Tackle

DATE: 22 Zilhijjah 1433/8 Nov. 2012

Block and Tackle

To build a simple block and tackle and a pulley with hangers and investigate how they work and which is easiest.

load; plasticine
- 3 coat hangers
-  plasticine
- tape
- scissors
- pencil
- paper cups

cup holding load
First we used the paper cup and yarn to make a bucket to hold our load.

Then we made the Block and Tackle with two hangers, some yarn and tape; we tied one end of the yarn to one hanger and taped it in place. Then we wound the yarn around both hangers and held on the the other end of the yarn to pull. The bucket was attached to the lower hanger.

The second pulley was made by attaching the bucket to one end of the  yarn and looping the other end over the curve of the hanger.

Block and tackle in action

load up
simple system pulley using a hanger

1.Which pulley system worked better?
The simple pulley.

It could be pulled more easily.

3. Did both pulleys need the same amount of force to work?
No, the block and tackle needed more force to move (it was difficult to use too).

 4. Which needed more force?
The Block and Tackle.

5.Why did it need more force to lift the load?
The yarn had to move over more distance to work and had to the lower hanger as well.

(Design of Block and Tackle taken from :Wheels, Pulleys and Levers"  pulished by Pustak Mahal, India)


  1. that's wow, where have you learned that all from?

  2. That is really really amazing,i must say you are really creative. No wonder where you get these ideas from.Keep up the good work