Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome White Board: Stepping into Writing

Give a kid a crayon/marker/ chalk and an empty wall, and whether you like it or not, their inspired! But these amature graffiti artists seem to lose the desire once they are forced to put it down on paper, at a desk, in a prescribed manner. So getting our children to rekindle the passion to write and draw has been a real chore, till this gorgeous White board entered our lives. Her pristine colour begged to be written on and Voila! lots of little hands have got busy: spontaneous sentences, tic-tac-toe, a tutorial on drawing stick men in action and even an algebra lesson by Abbi. So here's a solution to get children "writing" and as you can see here; your never to young to find writing fun!

8th Safar 1432


  1. What an adorable photo :) We've put up peelable chalk decals on our walls and plan on painting one whole side of the toy room with chalk-board paint. Give the little ones a bucket full of colorful side-walk chalk from Itwaar Bazaar and watch their imagination go wild!

    Mommy of 2, using a blend of home-based education and unschooling since 2007

  2. As-salaam Aalikum Maliha,
    That sounds so cool! Massaha'Allah, hope you'll blog about it, I'd love to see the pics.