Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brainy Books: Book Quest workbooks

At a previous the Book Worm Club meeting, a Sister had brought over some of the work books her daughters are using. Amongst them were a set of simple colourful workbooks called Brain Quest. These books are attractive and fun. Each book is divided into sections for Science, Language arts (grammar), various components of Math, reading, writing (phonics and alphabets for young grades), social studies (American) and a some quiz card sheets to be cut out and used.

Though very basic, I wanted something simple to start off our next three months of "focus on reading, comprehension and writing skills", so these books were met the needs of our 5yr old, 7yr old and 9yr old. They are infused with colour and the work isn't crammed onto a single page, so it even looks like fun. We've bought numerous books in the past for our 5 yr old, but she would be unable to following some instructions and in some cases prefer to make her own. In this book (pre-k) she doesn't want to put the book down and really enjoys it, and loves to choose a sticker (also provided) to put on her page when she's done. Her work has become a game.

Our 7yr old and 9yr old are working with these books willingly too, they choose which math component they want to attempt and may squirm with parts of the writing, but not for long Alhumdulillah. These books also help me decide when to pull the brake on the day's work so I'm not forcing them to attempt several pages of various books in one day, and we then have time to read other things, (I can concentrate on the 11yr old's reading and 3 yr old too) and they get time to review their Quran lesson and play as well.

Interestingly, when our 5yr old daughter was working on a page about our world, she was instructed to circle the pictures depicting things we do at home (girl sleeping in bed, family eating a meal) one of the pictures portrayed kids sitting on the floor in front of a woman with a blackboard behind them - school ! She circled that too! (we "school" at home:)

29 Muharram 1432

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