Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dining Out On a School Night- Benefits of Home Education

Prior to educating at home, dining out on a school night was almost unheard of - homework to be done, dinner rushed through and a mad dash to get the kids in bed, squeezing in some time to talk to Abbi as well, the though of going out was OUT. Now there's still the urgency to get to bed but we can have friends over for dinner on a school night and still wrap up for a new day of learning, or even dine out with friends on a week we did! Call it a field trip, or a socialization class or plain relaxation; its all three and as always the learning never stops.

The younger Piranis were particularly excited about going out that night, because the two home educating families joining us had young children too, and the meal was at our now favourite fast food bar "Snack Attack". The waiters here are very friendly and willing to entertain the children's queries, and as the kitchen is divided from the rest the dining area with a bar counter, the kids can watch their food being prepared. The best part is their brick oven, where the children could see their pizzas being baked. A flat screen television entertained the elder children with a cricket match - before the food arrived, because once served no one was really concentrating on much else.

Pictures are courtesy of IBAP, Masha'Allah.

3rd Safar 1432


  1. as salaamu `alaykum

    I agree that homeschooling brings the family closer. We really do have time to bond or just be together.

    Oh that looks like a yummy place!

  2. Maybe we could go there together, whenever you come here to visit, Insha'Allah.