Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HBAP's Snowy Sights

Early in the month of February HBAP (6yrs) had the opportunity to visit the snowy hill station of Burbhan. Abbi had a conference to attend and HBAP accompanied him. She was excited to be able to travel in an aeroplane with only Abbi by her side  and the prospect of  seeing SNOW! None of her siblings have had a chance to do so yet. There was also the promise of a bonfire dinner to attend, so all bundled up in Latvian warm clothes (borrowed from a friend) off she went. Abbi was impressed by how HBAP moved around independently, taking care of her needs while Abbi conducted a workshop, Masha'Allah. The following are her impressions of her winter holiday:


"There was snow outside the hotel on the ground and on the cars, and on the trees.In our balcony there was snow, Abbi's friend came and said that you can't go into the balcony because there is so much snow.He picked up some snow and kept it in my hand.It felt cold. I saw a bonfire and I sat in front of the fire, I was feeling cold, the fire made me warm, but my back was still cold. I was wearing gloves. I saw rabbit, Abbi saw a fox. I went in a park and walked on snow. I saw a swimming pool in the park, it had water in it (it wasn't frozen.) I watched Abbi give his talk (Abbi was conducting a workshop).I had lots of soft mints. "

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