Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scrabblers Society

As-salaam Alaikum Blogger
 World, we're back and we've been busy, reading, learning... Alhumdulillah, we've been "living".

The elder two participated in a Scrabble competition a few months ago and entered in the "Recreational" category (the other two categories we're "School" and "college", and they needed a school id to register for that). At the venue the organizers were taken aback to see two kids entering in the recreation cat. and wondered if they were pros (all other participants were adults), the kids were taken about to find that some of their opponents were new to the game. Alhumdulillah they we're able to play competitively even though it was their first time competing, and even won a game.
QBAP found himself teaching the game to a mother of two toddlers and one of his opponents gave him a visiting card and invited him to drop in whenever he needed to buy a laptop or would like to join him for a cup of tea. They were often asked about their choice of category, which led to the "What's homeschooling?' and "why?" ABAP says, "homeschooling has taught me how to speak to adults, because they always keep asking me, what is homeschooling?"
Overall they both seemed to enjoy the experience and look forward to competing again.

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