Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NewsFlash : Persistent Pigeons

Two days ago we awoke to hear some pigeons cooing very loudly, it almost seemed as if they were within the house and they were! Two pigeons were trying to nestle within the exhaust tube of our kitchen stove, of all places. We turned on the exhaust so the air would scare them out, but a gentle breeze was not good enough so we turned on the high power switch and they promptly scuttled out.....but not for long, shortly after turning off the exhaust they scrambled back in, infact they have now taken to sitting on a neighbors' window's overhead ledge waiting for the exhaust to turn off, we can they see them anxiously watching from our kitchen window. And they seem to be getting even wiser, we can hear them cooing as we enter the room and they become silent when they hear us. Its becoming a battle of wits: Piranis vs Pigeons, who will prevail? Stay posted!

1 comment:

  1. Jazak Allah khair for such an interesting news flash. Any updates on Piranis vs Pigeons?!