Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Pirani Papers

The last month had the even little Piranis dashing for the newspapers, with so much to pour through, we asked the little ones to cut out some pictures they liked to make newspapers of their own. The following is their work (unedited) they cut and pasted on their own and chose the names themselves (even SBAP). So here are the Pirani Papers (Rab-us-Sani'1432/ March'11) - uncensored :

SPORTS: editor - IBAP (age 9) featuring: Lots of Cricket!

CRICKET: editor - MBAP (age 7) features: Even more cricket!

THE DATE: editor- HBAP (age 5) featuring: Somebody got hurt, Mr. Bean, Cricket and a Dunkin Donuts advertisment

THE WATERFALL: editor : SBAP (age 3) featuring: Mr Bean, Camel and Snow, including exclusive art work by SBAP

5 Jamad ul Awwal 1432

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  1. We're proud of our young budding journalists, newspaper editors, and graphic designers, mashaAllah! Barak Allahu feekum.